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Step One of Learn Counting In Twelve Easy Steps


Step 1:
Imagine that on seeing a and b (the parts of the addition a+b=c) one does not only do their sum ‘c’ but also their difference ‘u’ (by building b-a=u), and the difference between u and a (k=b-2a), the difference between u and b (q=a-2b), and also t=2b-3a and w=2a-3b, and lastly s=17-{a+b|c}.
As you can see, this new method considers that there is more to the relationship between a and b than simply a+b=c. This relationship is important as: 
* there is a fundamental error in how we conduct rational business;
* improving on that fundamental error must be an AHA-experience;
* the improvement will have something to do with numbers;
* it will improve some rounding one does.

If there is an interest in step two, I shall propose that we use the first 136 additions, from 1+1=2 to 16+16=32.

(As you may be guessing, step three will be that we sort and order the 136 additions, but that is too far ahead for today).


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